Digital Smile Design (DSD)

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For generations, dentists around the world have been performing restoration procedures on patients of all ages and backgrounds. Often, these restoration procedures were the result of an injury, illness or some other issue that negatively impacted the oral health of the individual. Over this period, processes have evolved tremendously, and even today, not all procedures are the same nor do they deliver the same results. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a radically new innovation in restorative technology and is providing better, more predictable results.


Digital Smile Design is a groundbreaking, new planning tool that helps a dental provider better diagnose, predict and communicate with a patient. Instead of focusing solely on the teeth, DSD is based on a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s dental and facial proportions. By utilizing videos, photographs and mockups, a dental provider can gain a better understanding of how lips, gums and teeth contribute to the creation of a perfect, balanced smile.

In addition to the physical elements, a trained DSD provider will also assess the emotional needs of the client and how these elements will impact the overall treatment regimen. A DSD provider is more than a dentist – he or she is a “smile crafter” with an artistic flair. This flair is necessary to the creation of a wonderful smile and a positive patient outcome.


The process starts with a consultation with our team at Concept Dental. We explain the benefits of this unique treatment program. If a patient decides to proceed, we then take 3-D images and videos of the individuals mouth from every possible angle. To accomplish this feat, we use a device called an intraoral scanner with information uploaded to our DSD software.

Intraoral scanners provide an incredibly detailed view of a patient’s mouth. While the scan is being performed, the DSD technician studies images captured in real time ensuring the perfect angle and best results. This focus eliminates the need for a return visit to the dental office.


Once the DSD data has been uploaded, the dental provider will review a variety of forms and shapes that can be digitally overlaid on the images of the teeth. This provides the patient with an idea of what to expect from the DSD process. It also furnishes the dental provider with the data necessary to create a physical model in the dental lab. Images and videos are used to create a prototype which might also incorporate facial aesthetics and other vital elements.

Patient input and involvement is required throughout the process. It’s a chance for the patient to express wants, needs and desires with the smile crafter. Patients get to view and approve the 3-D model and view images or what his/her smile will look like once the process has been completed. When it comes to DSD, the patient is in charge, and upon approval, the process will commence. As this is a restorative process, any broken or damaged teeth will be removed or restored using implants or veneers. Each tooth is a separate project and only when that tooth has been fully restored, will the DSD practitioner move on to the next tooth.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is at the forefront of dental science, providing the best possible treatment for each patient. With DSD, each treatment plan is custom-tailored to the physical and emotional needs of the person, resulting in a smile each patient wants and deserves.

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